This is my Studio, I wake in the Morning make a coffee then im ready for the Photoshoot


My Hide, I spend a lot of time in here, so big enough to curl up and have a quick nap if needed but small enough to carry.


My Transport day or night she is good to me, Looks like a land Rover defender, But she isn't she is a Santana bit of a rare breed built in Spain under Land Rover License. Land Rover and Santana Motor Company ended their non-competitive agreement with land Rover in 1983 Then they could do as they wish add what they wanted and build how they wanted. The hard bit, Defender body, the rest could be anything Series 1, 2 or 3. But for me She is Beautiful and i love the Name Santana Storm Force.

I am 60 years young and registered Disabled.

I use to work as a truck mechanic for 35+ years but due to an accident at work in October 2008, a jack broke breaking my neck and my back it left me disabled and in a wheelchair and on a cocktail of various drugs.

Because of this i have had to make some drastic changes to my life especially my hobbies, like off roading, motorbike trailing, Quad bike, para gliding, Scuba Diving, Running even going for a walk all had to go and do something different, it took me years to accept being disabled and even longer to get over the accident, loosing my freedom.

I use to do Photograph Models, but over the years found it getting harder and harder, on location i cannot always get to the location where the shoot was, sometimes I have had to let them down at last minute because of health problems, this couldn't go on it wasn't fair to them, I was also struggling in the Studio setting up lights etc.

Now i have taken up wildlife photography it is still hard getting to some places but now its at my pace, where i want to go, how long for and when is now all up to me.

I do miss the Model Photography and still in contact with some Models and Photographers 1 Model being my Bestie and escorted her to Bristol Calendar Girl of the year competition and London Glamor Girl Party, Both an awesome night out.

Over the years i have attempted suicide, self harming didnt like people or mixing, feeling no one loved or wanted me, But Now managed to get about more and more now i have my head nearly “fixed” with all the things thats been going on in my life.

Since i got my truck i have been out every day and night doing what i like when i like, meeting new people making new friends and having the best time ever for a very long time.

My meds Ive cut right down now, i’m off my Morphine that i was on for 11 years and various other drugs stopped, i’m only on a couple now but working on that with my Ace Doctor she and her Nurses and mental health expert will have me sorted now i want to change, i didn't before so they were fighting a loosing battle.


Pete 2020

These are only a few Models i have worked with, some has taught me so much and the outdoor shoots were a lot of fun, even on a cold day they all got in the water there was 9 of them all having a laugh and fooling about.


Made In Malta


Result of an accident @ work October 22nd 2008 Between a Jack & a Lorry, Broken Neck and Broken lower Back, Paralyzed waist down, To Date, I can get about a bit with out my chair.

Bro Photographer & Safety Officer Always knows where im at when out at night.



07882 535941

Can you help? Im looking for somewhere to Photograph Wildlife, Either a River, Lake, Woods, Somewhere i can park up would be appreciated I Will Take Care and i wont Play Around, and if you want a full copy of the Photoshoot.


Best In Swindon, Wiltshire & South Gloucestershire