Hello This is Me Pete or Peter i don't mind either.

I'm disabled 12 years ago i was working as a lorry mechanic and broke my neck and back due to a high-lift jack broke, this paralyzed me from the waist down for about 6 weeks and was able to learn to walk again, although my left side is very weak i cannot walk properly, im trying to get out my chair now.

I don't work but im trying to be a wildlife photographer i tell people im in training, i use to photograph and promote Models and specialized in plus size Models as i think they get a raw deal, they are Beautiful and very much was in the back ground although years have gone by now and getting much better.

I have various cameras Nikon love a Nikon and Movie camera, Drone Bush cameras etc etc i did spend a load getting to wildlife, I do love nothing better than to get into the country and watch and wait for wildlife.

As you can imagine being disabled is very hard to get where i want to go, i brought a quad to help me get into the places i think i need to go, but people don't really like them, i guess they think i will play, no done that when i had a Land rover and a Suzuki not anymore, i just want to be able to get into the woods now and put up my hide.

This was me a few years ago playing Rugby, this has stopped now but i do play wheelchair Basketball, love it, and also my son plays too.

I started playing because of the 2012 Paralympics watched it and then decided it was for me.Link to the Paper Interview below.



I have been in my chair for around 11 years now and trying to get out of it, with this Covid 19 im not doing any exercise Everything is shut and we have to stay home, im 1 of the vulnerable my son had it 4 weeks ago and he still poorly but only like a cold symptons, heaven know why i haven t come down with it? they say i have to self isolate for 12 weeks ive done 4 now 8 to go? omg this isn't gonna be pretty

Carnt wait till this is all over, what the world gonna look like when its finished?

I need to get out with my camera and film wildlife again dont like being stuck in but were all like this around the world.


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My Transport

Looking to get a small trailer to pull behind my quad, for my son's trial bike and also for all my camping and photographic gear then off for a few days see how things go, Bob my Dog? not sure she carnt come with me when i photograph wildlife she just Barks at them all.


Me cause of an accident at work as a lorry mechanic broken neck and Back

My bro Ricky my Security Consultant

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