May 2nd 2020 Covid-19 LockDown

I have been in isolation for 7 weeks, its tough i have a teenage boy who was very poorly don't know if he had it but sounds like it according to 111 NHS Took 5 weeks for him to get well, nearly took him to Hospital twice but if i did i would have to leave him there, he would have been so scared, so watched him and stayed up all night 2 nights on the trot and only 2 mins away from Swindon Hospital.

After very poorly came Flu symptoms then Cold symptoms and just very tired for 2 weeks, only just getting his sleeping pattern sorted.

Don't know why i didn't get anything as im one of the vulnerable?

But now were just isolating for another 5 weeks, see what happens to the LockDown? not too soon i hope and risk a 2nd wave which would be worse, at present 27,000 people have died in the UK not good, my heart goes out to there families and friends.

Not much to do have done a few joke videos for family and friends on Facebook good fun and kept me amused, my son PlayStation thats been his job.

For me still not smoking but had a few over the 7 weeks but that was to stop me constantly feeding myself rubbish.

Shopping is very hard and have had my x wife help me there, she a good one x But i do have to go out once a week to get the weeks shopping, i go at the vulnerable time at Tesco, Thank You.

I have been out a couple of times to go for a bike ride with my son to get some exercise for us both, and walk the Dog Bob every day im on my electric bike she runs around our estate.

Apart from that were ok, just before the lockdown i was going to go to the Gym, we played wheelchair basketball and went on bike rides to Costa and i met some people at a coffee morning once a week so my mood? Feeling down and depressed was just coming under control, hope to go back soon, this is hard work.

My new metal shed is going up outside 12’ x 10’ put my Bikes, Scooters, Wheel Chairs, Quad and Tools in cant wait to get it all out of the front room its been nearly 18 months of it all except quad and tools in my front room lol.


May 3rd 2020 Covid-19 LockDown

Did some chores today not much but great news they have finished my shed it looks great cant believe it took so long to do, 2 days they reckon to build it, the instructions are rubbish, no good what so ever, i will be leaving feedback an honest one. Its a good looking and built shed, solid and looks nice huge space inside.

the lockdown? it is hard not being aloud out, i guess i still have 5 weeks to go but i want to get out and take photos again, be out in the countryside, filming wildlife.

Ordered up 2 stickers 1 cctv warning and 1 alarmed hopefully this will put people off, also a heavy duty padlock i have 2 somewhere but couldn't find them?

Got a lot to put in there soon as i can its gonna be so helpful



May 6th 2020 Coved-19 LockDown

Today its Day 66 of isolation and still going according to PM I have to isolate for 12 weeks so a few to go, still hard to do nothing house is spotless garden a mess so thats next, waiting for padlock and stickers for shed above then empty my lounge of garage stuff be nice to be able to clean the carpet from bikes etc. not much else doing here except trying to be calm and do stuff fed up of TV and films so music on now .


May 10th 2020 Covid-19 LockDown

Today all i have done is Tattooing I cant help myself im hooked not brilliant but ok for me, small Tats on my hand sand Emogi tats on my leg and other leg Stars Moon and Peter pan, thats what people use to call me as i never grow up.

Jacob my son has gone to his Mums for the week leaving me time to fool about, Piercings next, but more tats to do tomorrow.

The lockdown is still ongoing but waiting to see what the PM says at 1900 hrs think it will be the same but some relaxing on Going out for exercise maybe family visits? we will see, but too soon to stop the lockdown maybe get workers back before the UK goes bankrupt.

Yep i was right and i totally agree with him, we have to be careful we don't want a 2nd wave and overload our NHS workers go back to work if they cannot work from home, observing the 2 meter rule, shops and cafes and pubs not yet, still in lockdown but the fines are bigger to those who think it don't concern them, good job Boris.

Me im ok, i had a bad very bad day yesterday had enough, didn't want to go on etc etc, but x wife turned up and we chatted so ok now, thanks to her again.


May 23rd 2020 Covid-19 LockDown

Today is the last day of my 12 week isolation, WooBloodyHoo Tomorrow i can go out, the LockDown is still in affect but were aloud to go out as many times as we want to get exercise we can also drive anywhere to get it, we can also meet up with a non householder just 1 for now and remain 6 feet apart.

I need to go out, i need to get my life back, just before all this started Months ago i was just getting things right, meeting new people for coffee, Playing Wheel Chair basketball and just going to start at the Gym with a coach...... Im now right back at the beginning with my mental health at risk, Been very close to loosing it, but got there after a while.

I have been busy with Tattooing myself seemed like a good idea at the time..... Oooops maybe not but i like them, Right leg Emogi Faces everything Ive done, Left leg about the night sky including star wars and Apollo 11 1st walk in space.

Have started doing Piercings and now the proud owner of 2 pierced nipples, they hurt ouch..... but they do look good and there straight. Bonus.

Jacob is off to his Mums for the week so god only knows what i will be up to next week, im thinking about going out with my Camera see what i can get, either Deer near me, need my hide set up, or Wild Boar at The Forrest Of Dean, been there a few times and they always elude me? I think next time is going to be good.


May 28th 2020 Covid-19 LockDown

Ive been thinking for a long time now about going back into Event Journalism again, i did this years ago and put myself out there for charity events for free, didn't charge them, this is what im thinking of doing again, i have applied for my NUJ Press pass not sure if i will get it due to long time off the scene.

have to wait see what happens, i applied for a temporary Press pass as i don't work for a newspaper so will be Freelance again, i loved it before helping people out where i could and often as i could.

LockDown is still on although it has been eased off slightly, must not be too fast or we will over come the NHS then the Doctors will have to decide who will get treatment, and of course the old wont we must do as were asked to stop this happening.

When this is all over i will be getting out more, doing things ive wanted to do, and the press pass will help me loads, get me out, once ive said yes to someone i will always turn up.

For me, nothing changed still at home Son is at his Mums for the week, but i have got my Quad back home now so can start to sort out the starting problem, all i think it is, the Carburettor running too rich.


June 1st 2020 Covid-19 LockDown

I went to collect 3 wildlife cameras i set up yesterday hoping they would be still there, i set them up just outside Swindon in a field looking to see what was about, there was plenty of trails so knew there was something, what i found was Deer, Badger, Rabbits, Fox also learnt a lot too, where to put the cameras, not in a movable tree or branch, view, watch out for obstructions the way the camera faces, not into the sun for sunrise etc etc so much to learn.

take a look at what i got, see what you think, it was so nice to get out the 1st since lockdown and took Bob too she loved it, the freedom.

new-youtube-app-logo Hope you like its all very new to me, youtube-button-computer-icons-subscribe it will get better im working hard on this.


June 4th 2020 Covid-19 LockDown

Been working on my new logo for my web site its taken 2 days to do it and lots of different logo’s but i think i got there in the end. See what you think? oie_SNCuJS801vqx

Its got who i am, what i do and my new web site, also it has a Flag Marshal to suggest i work on Motor Sports, anything that has an engine from Bar Stool Racing to High Octane Dragsters I want to record the event, especially want to work with Charity Events for Free, Im not going to charge them for anything.

Next to sort out would be Business Cards same as Logo with email address and phone number on the reverse and when i get my press pass NUJ Icon as well.

After that 2 door magnetic posters for my car doors, but all this will have to wait a while until i find out what press pass i eventually get, Eventually get, i will get one.

I already have the new email address this will be my main work email address.



Me cause of an accident at work as a lorry mechanic broken neck and Back

My bro Ricky my Security Consultant

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